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Current Emergency Advice

All of us at Birkbeck Dentistry are taking the covid-19 virus seriously.

We are following the Government Guidelines and the regulations set by the General Dental Council and the British Dental Association.


We are providing very restricted emergency advice, non contact treatment and referral where appropriate for everybody’s safety.
Please see our current Covid 19 policy for reassurance.

Current guidance

Aerosol producing procedures (drilling) should be avoided where possible without specialist face masks (ffp3)-currently these are unavailable to dental surgeries.

Avoid travel and contact unless absolutely necessary.

What is currently a dental emergency?

A swelling usually visible from outside your mouth , potentially impeding your airway or disrupting your vision.
Pain that is unable to be controlled using medication.
Excessive bleeding following an extraction.
Dental trauma resulting in damage to your face and teeth.

Please follow the instructions on our answer machine for us to offer specific advice re the above.

We understand there may be other issues that patients feel are dental emergencies and will advise accordingly.

The following are NOT currently considered dental emergencies:

Loose/deboned- fillings crowns or bridges.
Any orthodontic issues.
Swollen/bleeding gums.
Chipped or broken teeth.
Lost / damaged dentures.

Please use our website for further guidance on coping with these issues. https://www.birkbeckdentistry.co.uk/dental-advice/

Emergency Treatments for Covid-19 infected patients

Patients that have been in contact with someone with covid-19 in the last 14 days-
Anyone with a persistent cough, a high temperature or any other covid-19 symptoms –
Anyone living with a person who is self isolating-
may need referral to a specialised unit or contactless treatment (advice and antibiotics).
All Patients with significant / large facial swellings impeding airways or distorting vision should attend A and E.
Other ways we may be able to help?

We can offer advice via e-mail: birkbeckdentistry@gmail.com
Via our text help line: 07871720076
Out practice answer machine can be used to leave your name and a brief description of your problem and your contact details.
We may offer existing patients antibiotics where appropriate to be collected at an agreed site without contact.
We wish everyone the best in these difficult times.