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Dental Advice

1. What do I do if an emergency occurs?

  • Out of hours, please leave a message on the answer phone and when the surgery re-opens we will call you with advice and / or will book an appointment with the dentist as soon as possible.
  • At weekends, there is an emergency number on our answer phone for you to call.
  • For severe problems such as bleeding, uncontrollable pain and swelling which is impeding your breathing – you should seek help at your local A & E department.

2. What will help control dental pain?

Usually most dental pain can be controlled by over the counter products eg. Neurofen / Paracetamol etc. Please check with your pharmacist first and follow the recommended dose! Following some treatments pain may be expected for a day or two and medication may need to be continued. Should problems persist it is best to arrange a consultation with your dentist as soon as convenient.

3. What if I am scared?

This is common. Dental treatment has changed over the years and many nervous people are  surprised how much easier treatment can now be. Always speak to your dentist about your fears rather than ignore the problems until they become worse. Consider intravenous sedation which allows more relaxed dental treatment with twilight sedation especially for nervous patients. Many people find this a great solution and lose their fear after a couple of visits. Please see our page specifically for nervous patients.

4. Why do my gums bleed?

This is a sign that the gums are irritated and there may be gum disease present. You should ask for an appointment to have your gums checked so you can be informed about the health of your mouth.

5. What causes bad breath?

Usually poor cleaning techniques  or dental problems are the cause. You should have your teeth and gums checked to make sure they are healthy as a first step to preventing and treating  halitosis. Please see our Dental Hygienist for specific advice.

6. I have broken a tooth, what should I do?

You should try to avoid extremes of hot and cold. Keep the tooth clean using warm water until you have it fixed.

Call the surgery as soon as possible to get professional help.

Temporary fillings to cover broken teeth are available from most chemists if the area is sensitive.

7. What should I do following an extraction or surgery?

Avoid vigorous rinsing for 24 hours.
Do not to smoke for at least 5 days or for as long as possible.
Rest and keep your mouth clean with normal tooth brushing morning and evening.
Take any prescribed medication or your usual medication for pain relief as indicated.
If you have problems with bleeding bite down on a clean hanky and for 15 minutes.
Should problems persists please contact your dentist.