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Special Offer On Teeth Whitening in Sidcup, Kent
Tooth Whitening is a simple procedure to make your own natural teeth look fantastic. It will allow you to achieve a brighter, younger, and healthier smile. Whitening will greatly improve your smile as well as provide you with a healthier and younger look. The process will enhance your appearance and confidence when you smile. Clean white teeth are a great confidence booster.
We use the world renowned Enlighten Deep Bleaching Whitening System. The Enlighten system out performs all 'dental laser only systems' and provides a stable long term maintainable results. Enlighten is a combination treatment of 2 weeks home whitening followed by a whitening booster laser session in the dental chair.

Ideal patients include:
  • Patients that are looking to rejuvenate their smile and achieve a more youthful and healthier appearance.
  • Patients considering cosmetic dentistry.
  • Patients looking to gain maximum enhancement with minimal cost.
  • Nervous patients that want to improve their smile-(no drilling!).
  • Patients considering replacing old dental work.
Enlighten works by initially breaking down the stains deep within your teeth over a 2 week period at night, followed by a booster laser session to complete the whitening and seal the teeth.

The Whitening Process
  • Special thin clear trays are constructed to fit exactly over your teeth.
  • The trays are usually inserted every evening for 2 weeks.
  • A booster laser session is carried out in the dental chair.
  • Maintenance.
We regularly run special promotions on tooth whitening. Email us or call us to find up to date details of our current offers or to request a brochure.
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