Birkbeck Dentistry

Birkbeck Dentistry is a private dental practice that provides a high quality dental services to Welling and the surrounding areas of Kent. Founded in1995 the practice has become one of Kent's premier private dental practices providing a range of services to Welling, including cosmetic dentistry ,high quality restorations, tooth whitening and we aim to treat dental emergencies on the same day where possible.

At Birkbeck a full range of treatment options are available,including full treatment planning,tooth whitening (dental bleaching )and a range of restorative options eg. Crowns,veneers and smile makeovers.We have provided treatment to many people in the Welling area.

We also accept referrals of patients from other dentists in the Welling area for dental implants and root treatments.

In the case of a dental emergency in the Welling area please call our practice as soon as possible on that day on 020 8302 8729.

New Patients. Welling

New patients and referrals are always welcome - especially from Welling. If you require a professional dental service and come from Welling then please go to our contact us page or call us on 020 8302 8729.

Any new patients from Welling coming to the practice through this page can organise a free meeting to view the surgery premises and equipment.You will also meet the dentist and staff to see if this may be the place for you to receive your treatment risk free. Should you feel comfortable with the surgery we will be happy to organise a full consultation.Please go to our contact us page or call us 020 8302 8729.

Cosmetic treatments and Ceramic reconstructions. Welling

We offer a unique experience to patients from Welling.Using a state of the art Cad-Cam system (Cerec) we can provide the highest quality ceramic reconstruction of damaged or disfigured teeth on the SAME day.This avoids additional time in the surgery and avoids the need to have temporary restorations.This has been very popular for many of our patients from Welling.

Dental treatment for Nervous patients from Welling.

We offer twilight sedation ( intra venous sedation ) for patients from Welling and the surrounding area.Being nervous is not uncommon and we find this method of treatment allows most patients to receive the treatment they require.Please contact the surgery if you are from Welling, nervous and would like to sort out your dental requirements for a free consultation

Root canal treatment. Welling

Dr Ramirez Bonner provides root canal treatment (endodontics) to patients from Welling and patients referred to her from dentists in Welling. Her treatment is limited to endodontics.

Dental implants Welling

Peter Walsh has been providing dental implants to people from Welling and for patients of dentists from Welling for over 14 years.These tooth implants are made of titanium and are the strongest solution available for missing teeth.Many people from Welling have experienced the benefit of this form of treatment.

Smile makeovers and cosmetic dentistry in Welling

We provide life changing smile makeovers as seen on TV.There is no longer a need to go to Harley Street for this kind of treatment and it is now possible for people from Welling to receive the treatment much more locally.We also provide cosmetic treatments such as veneers and tooth whitening to people in the Welling area.

Gum disease (periodontal disease). Welling

Gum disease is the most common reason for tooth loss.We have 2 hygienists who treat and maintain patients from Welling at their optimum level of gum health. Patients are fully assessed for their treatment needs and monitored on a long term basis.Should you suspect that you have gum disease (see our section on gum disease for signs)and are from Welling please call our practice to arrange a consultation as soon as possible . 020 8302 8729

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